Child Rights

Child's Right Act (2003) is the law that guarantees the rights of all children in Nigeria. So far 24 out of 36 states of Nigeria have adopted the CRA as a state law. There are therefore twelve (12) states in Nigeria that are yet to adopt the CRA in their laws of the 36 states of the federation.

Children as defined by Child's Right Act (2003) is any person under the age of 18.

National Human Rights Commission as parts of its mandates to promote, protect and enforce the rights of all citizens as well  as foreign nationals in Nigeria undertakes several procedures of promoting and protecting the rights of children under this age because they are vulnerable.

The Commission takes up the rights of children from foetus when appropriate responsibility of the unborn child is neglected. We admit and investigate matters around inhuman and degrading treatment of a mother upon whose ripple effect hamper the survival and development rights of the child.

At the National Human Rights Commission, we recognize that children, boys and girls can also be victims of abuse and exploitation in all of its forms. That’s why we run an open 'human rights club' in schools to shed light on this underrepresented reality.

You can help make the intervention of the Commission on any matter of right violations against any child a reality if you report. Therefore bring children out of the shadow of violations.

One way our campaign will help other boys, girls, and youths is by our collective advocacy. You do not need a lawyer to bring complaint to the Commission for its intervention. All persons can walk in to the Commission to access free services. All you need is just a start! 

The National Human Rights Commission is most strategically positioned now to promote and protect every child across the states in Nigeria.

Will you help us put these plans into practice? Contribute today to make a stand, and say that no Child—male or female—deserves right violation in all of its forms.