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1. Promotion and Human Rights Education Department is primarily responsible for creating general awareness on human rights issues throughout the country. Nigerians need to know their rights as individuals and as groups and the limits of their rights including their responsibility as members of the larger society. This level of awareness will empower victims of human rights violation to seek redress when their rights are violated, promote creation of support groups and engender partnership towards the promotion of human rights.

2. The department also has responsibility for building knowledge, skills and right attitudes and behaviours that will promote a culture of respect for human rights by individuals, groups, governments and corporate entities in Nigeria.


a. To create public awareness and sensitize the general public on human rights issues through face to face interactions, (village square meetings), erection of bill boards, focus group discussion, seminars, lectures, workshops and other awareness creation activities.

b. TV/Radio sensitization and promotion programmes.

c. Development and Publication of IEC materials; flyers, posters, leaflets, books, stickers etc

d. Outreach/grassroots activities:- Road walks, town hall meetings, campaigns etc

e. Engagement with different stakeholders/opinion leaders such as MDA's artisan groups, students, traditional, political and religious leaders, market women and men etc.

f. Promote behavioral change and culture of respect for human rights in both public and private sectors.

g. Development of National Policy for the Implementation of phase 2 of the World Program for Human Rights Education.

h. Planning, Coordination and Implementation of human rights education for target groups: - civil servant, law enforcement officials, military, High Educational Institutions, teachers and educators.

i. Coordinating of human rights education activities in basic schools, colleges and tertiary institutions with regards to:-

- curriculum review
- establishment of human rights education clubs in schools.
- promotion of academic programs on HRE at all educational levels.
- training of teachers and educators.
- coordinating the development of educational materials.

The Department of Promotion and Human Rights Education has three core areas of focus which constitute the three units in the department. They include:-

- Human Rights Education
- Promotions/Public Enlightenment
- Publication of IEC materials

Promotions/Public Enlightenment

Under this unit, the department undertakes promotional activities aimed at providing public enlightenment and education especially at the grassroots level. The promotional activities involve meeting people, interactive session such as the village square meetings, meeting with stakeholders, participation in public exhibitions and outdoor publicity programmes, such as erection of billboards etc.


This unit is responsible for building knowledge, skills and right attitudes and behaviours particularly among youths, students and professional groups including caregivers and mandate holders. The implementation of the World Programme for Human Rights (WPHR) specifically focuses on human right education in higher education and human rights training for civil servants, law enforcement officials and the military.


Messages sent to the media for publications are subject to misinterpretation or even manipulation. This often leads to misrepresentation. National Human Rights Commission must therefore have its own medium of telling its own stories within its own perspectives. Under this unit therefore, the department undertakes the production of IEC materials such as leaflets, newsletters, fliers, books, posters, stickers etc on a continuous basis.

Priority Projects

- Regular production of IEC materials
- Resuscitation of the Human Rights Platform – (Radio/Television Magazines Programme)
- Specialized training for human rights education in the state offices, Zones and the Headquarters.
- Erection of Bill Boards
- Quarterly production of documentaries
- Production of jingles
- Features articles
- Visit to schools
- Training for target groups
- Implementation of the World Programme for Human Rights Education (WPHRE)
M. N. Ladan
Director (HRE & Promotion)


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The National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) is committed to bringing to a closure the issues of child detention in some military facilities and other detention centres in the country.


Overall Goal (the Agenda):

To build a nation with a culture of respect for human rights.

1. Introduction:

One of the standards for measuring a developed society is the quantum of respect for human rights in the conduct of national affairs. Tell me how a people respect and protect the human rights of their people and others and I can tell you their level of development, it is said.

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